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CROSS Ministries 1st quarter brief (2020)


“You yourselves have been taught by God.” 1st Thessalonians 4:9


God administers His discipline in the realm of grace. What does that mean? It means that all His teaching, training, and discipline are administered in love and for our spiritual welfare. It means God is never angry with us, though He’s often grieved at our sins. It means He doesn’t condemn us or count our sins against us. All that He does in us and to us is done on the basis of unmerited favor. To use the words of William Hendricksen, “God’s grace is His active favor bestowing the greatest gift upon those who have deserved the greatest punishment.”

Where the law condemns, grace forgives through the Lord Jesus Christ. Where the Law commands but gives no power, grace commands but does give power through the Holy Spirit who lives and works within us.

Here’s a helpful little verse from centuries ago that summarizes this truth: “Run, John, run,” the law commands, but gives neither feet nor hands. Better news the gospel brings; it bids me fly and gives me wings.” It’s easy to memorize, and if you do so, it will help you capture the essence of what it means to be disciplined by grace.

How do you perceive God’s parental training? Is it by law or by grace? How are you seeking to respond? Do you accept the forgiveness of His grace, or labor under the burden of guilt? Are you relying on your union with Christ and the indwelling Spirit for the power to respond to God’s training, or is the Bible only a rule book that you struggle to obey by your own willpower?

The grace that brought you salvation is the same grace that teaches you. But you must respond on the basis of grace, not law.

Excerpt from “Holiness Day by Day" by Jerry Bridges


240 boxes of Christian materials were provided to 52 ministries during the 1st quarter; however, 26 boxes were not mailed to 11 ministries due to a new US Post Office mailing process and trying to stay within budget. These boxes will be mailed in April 2020.

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